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The information below is for professional undergraduate students at APU’s regional campuses. Traditional undergraduate students at the Azusa campus can find math placement assessment information through the Academic Success Center’s Testing Services.

Congratulations on completing an ALEKS assessment! Your score represents the percentage of high school math topics (through the end of precalculus) that ALEKS considers you to have mastered.

See the table below to determine whether your ALEKS score qualifies you to take the math course(s) required for your major. If you need to raise your score, review using your Prep and Learning Module for at least 3 hours and then take another ALEKS assessment. Many APU students have been able to substantially raise their scores by using ALEKS to review and then retaking the assessment! We recommend you spend up to 20 hours reviewing with ALEKS to prepare you to do the best you can in your math classes at APU.

Interpret My Score
Major Required Math Course(s) ALEKS Score Required to Enroll
Bachelor of Business Administration College Algebra (PRMA 110) 45-59 (a score of 60 or higher waives PRMA 110)
Statistics (PRMA 130) 30 or higher
Criminal Justice (bachelor’s completion) Statistics (PRMA 130) 30 or higher
Psychology (bachelor’s completion) Statistics (PRMA 130) 30 or higher
Professional Nursing (LVN and 2+2) Statistics for Nursing (UNRS 299) 45 or higher

For questions about the ALEKS process, contact the Academic Success Center at (626) 815-3886.

For questions about interpreting your ALEKS results, contact the Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics at (626) 815-6470 or

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