Classes and Registration

Students must register for courses in order to enroll and receive academic credit for successfully completed courses.

Graduate and professional students can enroll in Azusa Pacific University courses online at or submit a paper-based Enrollment Activity Form (PDF) by the returning student’s registration due date for the session desired. View Class Registration Instructions (PDF) for a detailed tutorial.

How to Register Online

Academic Advising

Academic advising is suggested for all students. Some programs require that this be completed prior to admission and/or registration of classes. Please contact the department for specific guidelines in this area.

Viewing Your Academic Requirements Report

Students can keep track of academic progress by viewing the Academic Requirements Report at

Navigating to Your Academic Requirements Report

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Using the dashboard menu, navigate to either the “Enrollment” or “Academics” menu item, and click the plus sign to expand the menu options.
  3. Select “Academic Requirements,” and the Academic Requirements panel will appear.
  4. Click the plus sign next to your program name to display the completed and uncompleted requirements for your degree program.
  5. For each requirement, clicking the plus sign will reveal additional details along with a button link to view courses that will fulfill the given requirement.

Get more information about registering for courses.

Get Help for Academic Requirements Questions

  • For questions regarding specific requirements, please contact your academic department.
  • For questions regarding your degree program information displayed, please contact the Student Services Center (SSC) at or (626) 815-2020.
  • For log-in or access problems, please contact the IMT Support Desk at or (626) 815-5050.

Registration Dates

Students may register for fall, fall 1, and fall 2 sessions (summer and spring terms respectively) at the same time. Consult the Academic Calendar for registration dates and deadlines. For those receiving financial aid or deferring loans, students are strongly encouraged to register for all sessions within the same term.

Registration Policies

Graduate Policies

Professional Undergraduate Policies

Registration without Bachelor’s Degree

A student without a posted bachelor’s degree must register as an undergraduate and pay undergraduate fees, or apply to a professional bachelor’s degree program.

Registration for a Second Bachelor’s Degree

Any student with a bachelor’s degree pursing a second bachelor’s degree, unless admitted to an entry-level master's program, must register as an undergraduate and pay undergraduate tuition and fees.

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