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Office of Commuter Life

Serving APU’s Commuter Students

We’re excited that you’ve made Azusa Pacific University your home. We want you to succeed whether you’re a first-time commuter or returning for another academic year. We hope that you feel the spirit, energy, and excitement that abounds in our office.

Connect With Us

The Office of Commuter Life is hosting a variety of events throughout the fall semester, and we encourage you to connect with us on APU Commuters Instagram or APU Now to view upcoming events. Additionally, our Commuter Life staff is here to offer support either on East or West Campus—you can connect with a Commuter Life staff member by emailing [email protected] or calling (626) 812-3032. 

Commuter Life Resources

The Office of Commuter Life offers a variety of commuter services and programs, including meals, lockers, printing services, and mailboxes. We also help meet the needs of the university’s commuter student population through partnerships with offices such as Campus Life that offer programs geared toward enhancing the quality of the student experience for commuters. Learn more about the resources available to you:

Student Union

The Office of Commuter Life supports the upkeep and management of the Student Union, which is one of the primary on-campus socialization and information hubs for the student community. If you have questions about Student Union resources or services, drop by our office or call us at (626) 812-3032.

Support for Your Education Journey

Our staff and student leaders are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for you into the APU community, and supporting you throughout your academic experience. We strive to equip you with the information and resources to navigate life on campus and ultimately find a sense of belonging on campus. The commuter experience can provide many opportunities for growth, especially if you immerse yourself in positive and dynamic experiences in the APU community, and we hope you will use our office as a resource for that. 

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Commuting to College: 4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Class Schedule

Living off-campus as a college student has its benefits and challenges. Commuter students can maximize their time by being mindful of how they set up their classes and schedule out their day. Here are four tips that can help you create a weekly routine for your academic and personal life.

Community Expectations

We would also like to offer a reminder to those living off campus to uphold the behavioral standards set forth in the Community Expectations found in the Undergraduate Student Handbook.

If you have any questions about any of our services, call us at (626) 812-3032 or drop by our office, located in the Student Union (also known as the Cougar Dome), which is one of the primary on-campus socialization and information hubs for the student community.

Commuter FAQ

33 percent of our undergraduate students are commuters, and we also serve all of our Azusa campus graduate and professional students.
We provide a variety of commuter services including printing, a snack and cup of coffee each day, office supplies, access to microwaves and a refrigerator, commuter lockers, and commuter programming. All undergraduate and graduate commuter students are welcome to use these resources and attend commuter-specific events.
The Cougar Dome, which is our Student Union on campus, is where the Office of Commuter Life is located. We like to tell our commuters that “the Dome is their home,” and this is also where our services are located.
In our East or West Campus lockers! Sign up on the Lockers page. Lockers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis but are free and reassigned at the beginning of every semester.

APU students are required to live on campus their first and second years as APU students, but you may complete a Request for Campus Housing Exemption Form if you fall under any of the following categories:

  • Are in incoming freshman (or transfer freshman or sophomore) and you live with your parent(s) locally
  • Are over 21
  • Are married
  • Have part-time status
  • Have other special circumstances that present an obstacle to campus residency
Learn more online about these and other resources on campus.
You can purchase Cougar Bucks, which are funds available on your APU ID card that can be spent on campus, similar to a prepaid debit card. To add money to your Cougar Bucks account, log into our online Billing and Payment System, click on “Make Payment,” then click on “Deposit Funds to your Cougar Bucks Account.” Once your transaction is complete, your Cougar Bucks are immediately available to spend.
As a commuter student, you can park in Lot A on East Campus, as well as Lot H on West Campus. To park on campus, you will need to obtain a parking permit through the Department of Campus Safety. Due to the fact that parking on East Campus can be challenging during peak hours, we also encourage you to utilize our trolley service to go between campuses—find a trolley using our Trolley Tracker!
There are many public transportation options for our commuter students. Visit our Public Transportation page to learn more.
Yes, there is a refrigerator and two microwaves in the Cougar Dome on East Campus, and there are microwaves in Heritage Court on West Campus.
Email us at [email protected], visit us in the Cougar Dome, or call us at (626) 812-3032.