Transferring Professional Undergraduate Courses

The Office of the Graduate and Professional Registrar handles all requests for transferring courses to a professional undergraduate program at APU. Whether you are an incoming professional undergraduate student transferring from another institution to APU or a student enrolled at APU wishing to take approved classes at another school, your request to transfer course credit to APU will ultimately go through this office.

Prospective Professional Undergraduate Transfers

If you are a prospective student beginning your transfer journey to Azusa Pacific, you will work directly with your admissions representative in Transfer to APU’s Professional Undergraduate Programs who will facilitate a transcript evaluation of your previous coursework and guide you through the transfer process.

As you seek to complete your bachelor’s degree at APU, we recommend closely following the General Education guidelines of suggested courses while enrolled at another institution.

Contact your admissions representative for more information.

Current Professional Undergraduates Transferring Coursework

There are a number of tools available here to help you understand which courses APU will accept from other colleges and universities. Please keep in mind that these tools are provided as helpful guidelines and do not represent formal agreements of acceptable transfer work. All transfer courses submitted for credit are subject to approval by the registrar.

Contact your academic records specialist for more information.

Coursework Evaluation Tools

Please refer to the Graduate and Professional Catalog for full details on APU’s transfer credit policies and procedures.

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