Math Placement Assessment for Professional Undergraduates

The information below is for professional undergraduate students at APU’s regional campuses. Traditional undergraduate students at the Azusa campus can find math placement assessment information through the Academic Success Center’s Testing Services.

APU’s General Education (GE) program recognizes quantitative literacy as one of the six essential learning outcomes at the heart of a liberal arts education. The Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) defines quantitative literacy (QL) as a “habit of mind, competency, and comfort in working with numerical data.” APU’s quantitative literacy curriculum aims to empower students to be wise consumers and producers of quantitative information as they serve God faithfully in a complex world.

Professional students will satisfy the GE quantitative literacy requirement by taking course(s) in alignment with the professional bachelor’s degree they are pursuing. PRMA 110 College Algebra and PRMA 130 Introduction to Statistics are the two primary courses. School of Nursing students take UNRS 299 Statistics and Data Management for Nursing and Health Care. The table below indicates which of these courses students from each major should take

Major and Required GE
Major Required GE quantitative literacy courses
Bachelor of Business Administration Both PRMA 110 and PRMA 130
Criminal Justice and Psychology PRMA 130 only
Professional Nursing (LVN and 2+2) UNRS 299 only

APU uses the ALEKS PPL system to determine initial math placement. Please take a moment to determine whether or not you are required to take an ALEKS math placement assessment.

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