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Photography and Photo Requests

Strategic Communication and Engagement provides photography services for the following purposes:

  1. To capture images that communicate the APU story in print or electronic media for recruitment (administration, faculty, and student), retention, or fundraising purposes.
  2. To capture images that record the history of the university.

At times, these purposes may be achieved with in-house digital photography. Other times, depending on potential photograph use, Strategic Communication and Engagement secures the services of a professional photographer.

When professional photographers are hired, Strategic Communication and Engagement personnel oversees the work of these individuals and bill their services. If a campus client requests the services of a photographer from Strategic Communication and Engagement, an account number may be required before the photographer is contacted.

Contact us for more information on scheduling photography.

Photo Requests

If you would like a copy of a university-related photo, please follow the guidelines listed below to make a photo request:

  1. Download the Photo Request Form (PDF). Complete the form and send it to the Division of Strategic Communication and Engagement via intracampus mail or email the form to [email protected].
  2. Upon approval, we will either send the photo on a CD via intracampus mail or email the photo directly to you.
  3. Please allow approximately 10-15 business days for Strategic Communication and Engagement to complete your photo request.