How to Obtain Campus Housing

To learn how to obtain campus housing for the current year, the summer, or the following year, select the appropriate category below. If you have any questions about the process, contact our office at (626) 812-3056 or

Incoming Students

Current or Returning Students
Housing Requirement

Because the residential experience so strongly supports the mission of APU, all traditional undergraduate students are required to live in campus housing for their freshman and sophomore years. Studies have shown that students who live in campus housing perform better academically, are more likely to graduate, and are generally more satisfied with their college experience than those who live off campus or commute.

Living in a Residence Life community with peers, having quick access to campus resources, and enjoying the opportunity to further develop personally and academically are just a few reasons why living in campus housing is fundamental for success as a freshman or sophomore at APU. More information on how and when a student can be exempt from the housing requirement can be found in the appropriate sections linked to above.


Housing rates are reviewed for each academic year and are applied directly to student accounts for each semester. Rates vary based on living area and room type. Rates may also differ based on student occupancy in private bedrooms 1. For current semester rates and information on private bedroom rates, view the 2024-25 Housing Rate Sheet (PDF).


  1. See our housing policies for more information on private bedrooms.
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