Graduate and Professional Student Community Expectations

Azusa Pacific University is an institution built on Four Cornerstones: Christ, Scholarship, Community, and Service. In this section we focus on the cornerstone of community:

We believe in community. We are a richly diverse people who value the worth of each individual. Our mission is to encourage, equip, and enable each student to fulfill his or her great potential, and in turn, encourage, equip, and enable others.

An understanding of the importance of community within the Azusa Pacific University setting is fundamental when considering our Student Community Expectations. For our mission to be fulfilled and our students to have a rewarding experience, we must uphold some basic principles of community within our educational context. Therefore, our Student Community Expectations are founded on basic principles necessary to sustain this cornerstone of community. These include individual integrity, respect for others, and respect for the university. When together we practice these Student Community Expectations, we are most likely to live out and experience the God-given benefit of community as intended at APU.

View the Graduate and Professional Community Expectations Policy and Accountability Process.
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