Counselor with client

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the CCC offer free services?

No. The CCC offers services on a sliding fee scale based on income and type of service received (e.g., counseling or psychological assessment).

How much do services cost?

The center operates on a sliding scale. Each individual’s or family’s income and situation is considered in determining a treatment fee. Although we do not accept insurance, we provide a statement suitable for insurance reimbursement. Learn more about our fees.

How can I receive help?

The CCC is equipped with knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated therapists who provide treatment for a wide range of clinical problems. Once an inquiry for services is received, a therapist contacts the referring party to conduct a phone screen and generate relevant referral information. Each referral is reviewed/approved by a licensed supervisor before it is assigned to a therapist, in order to ensure proper fit based on referral needs. The client is then contacted by a therapist to schedule the first appointment.

How do I contact you?

To schedule an initial appointment, call (626) 815-5421.