APU Clubs and Organizations

The Office of Campus Life assists undergraduate student clubs and organizations in a variety of ways, including directing the club/organization chartering process, providing leadership training, allocating club/organization funds, and assisting in the progress and growth of all clubs/organizations. Students who wish to have a new club chartered must submit the appropriate documents to the Office of Campus Life.

View a list of clubs/organizations at Azusa Pacific University.

The office also assists clubs/organizations with the following:

  • Programming ideas
  • Poster paper and markers for on-campus advertising
  • Obtaining facility request forms
  • Understanding university policies and procedures
  • Fostering leadership and organizational development
  • Finding funding sources
  • Completing forms for clubs, organizations, events, and funding

Each semester, a Clubs and Organizations Fair takes place to provide registered clubs/organizations the opportunity for on-campus visibility and membership recruitment.

The Office of Campus Life also provides additional funds to registered clubs/organizations for events open to all APU students based upon the approval of the President’s Council. Funding is allocated primarily to programs that will serve the greatest amount of students, enhance campus life, and promote club membership.

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