Investigation and Appeals

The Title IX Coordinator has the authority to investigate allegations of discrimination prohibited by Title IX even absent the filing of a formal complaint, lack of participation by the complainant, or in the event that a complaint is withdrawn. In addition, the Title IX Coordinator may proceed with investigating a formal or informal complaint even if a complainant specifically requests that the matter not be pursued, if it is determined that an investigation is necessary to comply with the university’s regulatory obligations. In such a circumstance, the Title IX Coordinator or designee will take all reasonable steps to investigate and respond to the matter in a manner that is informed by the complainant’s articulated concern about pursuing the matter further.

Individuals found to have engaged in sexual harassment, stalking, and/or sexual violence will be subject to disciplinary actions, which could include written warnings placed in the respondent’s personnel or student file, participation in appropriate education or counseling, no contact order, termination of employment or non-renewal of an employment contract, suspension or dismissal from academic programs, exclusion from university activities, and suspension or expulsion from the university.

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