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APU sets you up with a full spectrum of resources to support your academic pursuits. Though some are housed on the Azusa campus, many are accessible to all students.

Aids to Prepare for Graduate School in Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy is ready to help prepare interested students for graduate school in philosophy, offering the following services to APU philosophy majors:

Writing Sample Review

We can help you produce a well-crafted sample of your work. We will help you with such tasks as:

  • Selecting a topic to write about
  • Reviewing and improving your quality of presentation
  • Reviewing and improving your quality of reasoning
  • Finding public forums for you to present and get early feedback on your paper


Is graduate school for you? What does it take to get into graduate school in philosophy (or in any other field, such as law, psychology, or something else)? What graduate schools should someone with my interests apply to? What is graduate school like? What are some of the benefits of pursuing a graduate degree in philosophy (or in any other field)? What are some of the challenges and pitfalls? What can I do with an advanced degree in philosophy? Do I have a realistic chance of getting in? Get answers to these and other questions you may have about graduate school.

If you would like to take advantage of these services, contact Joshua Rasmussen at [email protected], with the subject “Philosophy Advising” or “Writing Sample Review.” We are here to serve you!

Online Philosophy Resources

Erratic Impact
Offering a philosophy research base categorized by history, subject, and author, this resource attempts to aid academic and general interest in all philosophy genres and their related fields.

Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog
This blog provides news and views about philosophy, the academic profession, academic freedom, and intellectual culture.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP)
This resource was designed so that each encyclopedia entry is maintained and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the philosophy field.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Founded in 1995 as a nonprofit organization, the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy provides open access to detailed scholarly information on key topics and philosophers in all areas of philosophy.

The Philosophical Gourmet Report
This resource offers a ranking of graduate programs in philosophy in the English-speaking world.

Philosophy Bites
This resource offers podcasts featuring interviews with top philosophers.

The Philosopher’s Zone
The Philosopher’s Zone offers podcasts on a wide range of everyday philosophical questions.

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