Faculty/Staff Supervisors

Hiring Student Employees

The Office of Student Employment is available to offer guidance throughout the student employee hiring process and will work with each department and prospective student employees to ensure that all hiring-related documentation is obtained and verified in accordance with California and federal employment law and practice.

The hiring process for a student employee can take up to 2-3 weeks during peak periods. We recommend that you think strategically about your staffing needs and submit your hire requests in advance. Student employees will not be allowed to work until final approval from the Office of Student Employment has been given. Please keep in mind you can check the students status in HR Total Access.

All available positions must be posted on the career platform Handshake. Supervisors are to use this as their recruitment tool for filling on-campus positions.

Step 1: Post a Job

Post an open position using the online Handshake platform detailing the needs of the job. All job postings must follow the specifications set forth by the institution in conjunction with federal and state requirements. Applications will be directed to your office unless otherwise requested.

Step 2: Requisition

Student Employment Requisition Form

The requisition form serves as a request for the Office of Student Employment to initiate the appropriate hiring procedures; the student is not officially hired until the Office of Student Employment has completed all hire documentation, and the student has been entered into the university’s automated timekeeping system. Please see the New Student Employee Requisition Instructions (PDF) for instructions on submitting a requisition.

View the Student Employment Wage Ranges located in the Student Employment Handbook (PDF).

Review Student Employment Pay Scale 2024 (PDF).

Step 3: Online Onboarding Tasks

The Office of Student Employment will send an email to the student that contains a link to APU's employee onboarding portal, SilkRoad. This portal contains a list of necessary tasks and forms for the student to complete.

Supervisors can verify in HR Total Access if their student has been onboarded and is cleared to begin work.

Step 4: Presenting Form I-9 Documentation

Students must also visit the Office of Student Employment (or the Dining Services Student Employment Office for Dining Services employees) to present original I-9 documentation. Original identification and documentation necessary to obtain employment will be viewed at this time and photocopies will not be accepted. Once all necessary documentation has been collected, the student will be entered into the university system and may begin employment. View the List of Acceptable Documents for Hire (PDF).

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