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Training, Policies, and Resources

The Office of Research and Grants offers a variety of professional development options on topics related to grant development, research administration, responsible conduct of research (RCR), institutional review, and more. We offer these opportunities throughout the academic year. For a full list of offerings and online resources, visit the following:

Responsible Conduct of Research Series

The goals of RCR training are to:

  • Encourage best practices in the conduct of research
  • Foster an ability to recognize an ethical choice and the ability to make a principled decision
  • Provide accessible educational opportunities and resources designed to help students and postdoctoral researchers meet the America COMPETES Act section 7009 requirements.

ORG provides RCR workshops for faculty, staff, and student participation. Researchers and students funded by NSF and/or NIH are required to complete face-to-face RCR training. Certain topics are required for all grant-funded researchers at APU. Contact Carrie Ullmer, ORG director of grants management, at [email protected] for details.


The following PDFs contain policy information crucial to research and grants at Azusa Pacific:

Research Policies

Grants Policies

General Policies and Procedures Relevant for Research Administration