Checkout Policies

Checkout Periods

Faculty, staff, and students may borrow media items. Different formats have different check out periods. Please check at the Media Center circulation desk for current information.

Note: Checkout limitations are subject to change with the approval of the Media Center Coordinator.

Checkout Periods
Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Faculty and
Audio Books 1 Week 1 Week 2 Weeks
Audio Tapes 1 Week 1 Week 2 Weeks
CDs 2 Days1 2 Days1 2 Weeks1
Diskettes 2 Days 2 Days 2 Weeks
DVDs 2 Days2 2 Days2 2 Weeks1
Games 2 Days 2 Days 2 Weeks
Kits N/A 1 Week 2 Weeks2
Records 1 Week 1 Week 2 Weeks
Scores 2 Weeks 2 Weeks 2 Weeks
Slides 2 Days 1 Week 2 Weeks
Tapes 2 Days 1 Week 2 Weeks
Videos 2 Days2 1 Week2 2 Weeks1

Courtesy Patrons

Although alumni, ordained clergy, consortium cardholders and community residents may be courtesy patrons and may check out books, they may not check out media items unless it has been approved by the Media Center Coordinator.

Media Reserve Items

Professors often place media items on reserve. Depending on the check out period indicated by the professors, these reserve items may or may not be checked out of Marshburn Library. Viewing rooms are available for groups. In order to check out a reserved media title, the student must have an ID card.


Different media items are given their specific due dates as noted under Checking Out Media Items above. The fine for a late return is $1.00 per day for each bar-coded item of the media title. Replacement costs vary according to the item with a maximum charge of $115. Replacement costs for tests will be determent by the Media Center Coordinator.


  1. Limit of six
  2. Limit of two.
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