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Honors College Alumni

Pursuing careers and education opportunities across the United States and around the globe, graduates of the Honors College at Azusa Pacific continue to engage their spheres of influence as disciples, scholars, leaders, and citizens.

Forbes magazine reports that the Journal of Consumer Affairs ranks Azusa Pacific University as one of the top 25 universities in the United States based on alumni ratings. In 2020, an APU Office of Institutional Research and Assessment survey reported that alumni were very satisfied with their Honors College education, academic goals, quality of teaching, and preparation for their next professional or academic steps. In addition, alumni strongly agreed that their experience assisted them in developing their faith, becoming better writers, learning how to present orally, and critically analyzing books, ideas, and arguments.

We would love for you to meet some of our alumni who are making a difference in every sphere of society.

Highlights From Our Honors College Alumni

Rachel Roller ’19

Rachel graduated with a BS in Chemistry and Honors Humanities and is a PhD student in analytical chemistry at the University of Notre Dame. From screening medicines in developing countries to creating inquiry-based chemistry experiments, her research focuses on making chemistry accessible to people in low-resource settings. She has published research and presented at several conferences while enjoying playing violin in the Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra, leading a small group, and reading every book she can get her hands on. At the conclusion of her time at APU, she received the Honors College Academic Achievement Award, the Cicero Oratory Award, and an Outstanding Senior Award in Chemistry.

If not for the Honors College, I would not be a published author!

Jasmine Kolano ’18

Jasmine graduated with a BA in Communication Studies and Honors Humanities, then earned a Master of Public Diplomacy degree at the University of Southern California. Now, the Lord has led her on a new adventure in Singapore, where she has been an editor for Trinity Christian Centre and is pursuing a doctorate in international relations. During her time in the Honors College, she received the Servant Leadership Award and left a significant legacy as a Dean’s Cabinet representative, Honors admissions intern, and Engstrom Honors residence advisor.

If not for the Honors College, I would not love writing as much as I do now.

Sarah O’Dell ’15, MA ’17

Sarah is a double alumnus, graduating with a BS in Biology and an MA in English. She is pursuing an MD and a PhD in English with an emphasis in medical humanities at the University of California, Irvine. As a future physician-scholar, she is deeply invested in historical understandings of the mind and mental illness. Sarah is an expert in the field of Inklings studies and physician Robert E. Havard (1901-85), and was nominated for the 2021 Council for Christian Colleges & Universities Young Alumni Award.

If not for the Honors College, I would not have studied abroad at Oxford.

Reilly Fitzpatrick ’20, MA ’20

Reilly is a double alumnus, earning a BA in English and Honors Humanities and an MA in English. She is pursuing a PhD in English and Feminist Studies at Baylor University after receiving an MLitt in Romantic and Victorian Literature from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She was awarded the Servant Leadership Award in the Honors College, and as the Chair of the Dean’s Cabinet in the Honors College, she cultivated a culture of rich community, profound love for the liturgy of Sabbath, and the value of our living-learning community.

If not for the Honors College, I would not have a rich community of lifelong friends and a profound love for the liturgy of Sabbath.

Blake Huxell ’19

Blake Huxell graduated with a BM in Commercial Music and Honors Humanities with a minor in business management. Since graduating, he has earned an MS in Music Industry from the University of Southern California and is a publishing manager at Adrev, a comprehensive digital rights management solution. He has worked as a music supervisor for the American Story Podcast with Christopher Flannery, PhD, and as a music assistant at Picture Music Company, specializing in music for film and TV, including Stranger Things season four.

If not for the Honors College, I would not be able to articulate my thoughts and ideas as clearly.

Grant Wilson ’19

Grant Wilson graduated with a BS in Biochemistry with minors in Honors Humanities and Spanish. During his time at Azusa Pacific, he was president and vice president of Phi Delta Epsilon, a professional medical fraternity, and received the Outstanding Senior Award from the Department of Biology and Chemistry. He is pursuing an MD at John Hopkins University School of Medicine and is conducting research on the association of antibiotics with the clinical outcomes of cancer patients.

If not for the Honors College, I would not have the depth of understanding of my faith and humanity I do now.

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