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Professional Transfer

Complete a bachelor’s degree at Azusa Pacific University through one of our professional undergraduate programs at a regional campus or online.

What is a Professional Undergraduate Program?

APU’s professional undergraduate programs are accelerated bachelor’s degree completion programs available at one of our SoCal locations or online, typically for students who have transferable credit from another institution and want to finish their degree at Azusa Pacific. If you’re interested in transferring into one of APU’s traditional, four-year undergraduate programs, visit the undergraduate admissions transfer page.

Explore Financial Aid

Investing in education represents a significant step forward, and financial aid is available to help you complete your degree! Questions? Contact the Student Services Center at [email protected] or (626) 815-2020.

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General Education

For professional students completing a bachelor's degree at Azusa Pacific, General Education courses are available to help you earn additional units as you begin your program and work toward your degree requirements.

All courses approved to satisfy General Education requirements are identified in the class schedule and are included on the list of approved General Education courses in the university catalog. Additional courses may be approved in the future.

While students work closely with their Academic Records Specialist in determining their General Education requirements, the responsibility for fulfilling these requirements is solely that of the student.

All current professional undergraduate students are required to access their Web-based Advisement Report (through for information regarding their major, General Education requirements, and fulfillment of these requirements. Any questions about the application of transfer courses for course requirements should be directed to an Academic Records Specialist in the Student Services Center.

The following document is designed to simplify your course selection and facilitate fulfillment of the General Education requirements for professional transfer students. The guidelines are a general overview of what types of courses will satisfy APU’s General Education requirements. It is in your best interest to follow these guidelines of suggested courses. 

Note: Students interested in APU’s traditional undergraduate programs should visit Student Services Center for transfer guidelines for those programs.

APU accepts the completed IGETC or CSU GE as fulfilling the lower-division General Education requirements.

All APU professional undergraduate students will be required to complete the requisite number of biblical studies and upper-division elective courses. In the cases of both the CSU GE and the IGETC, the certificate must be complete and obtained from the respective community college before the student matriculates to APU. Learn more about General Education information for professional transfer students in the university catalog.

Find Your Transfer Pathway 

Learn how you can finish your degree at APU by exploring transfer plans and course credits.

Azusa Pacific provides transfer plans as a tool to aid professional undergraduate students in knowing which courses APU will accept to fulfill General Education requirements. Keep in mind that these transfer plans are not formal agreements, and all transfer courses submitted for credit are subject to approval by the Graduate and Professional Registrar.

Find your transfer plan by searching by the transferring college or university, or by your program of interest at APU:

If you’re planning to complete your associate degree and transfer from a community college, view available transfer plans to see how your courses and degree will transfer into a professional undergraduate program at APU.

Use this course equivalency database as a guide to review any undergraduate coursework you completed outside Azusa Pacific University to determine if it is transferable. Courses appearing in this database are approved for general transfer credit toward an undergraduate degree by the Office of the Graduate and Professional Registrar. Transfer credit is not guaranteed based on a course appearing in this database. Refer to the Academic Catalog for full details regarding APU’s transfer credit policies and procedures.

View the Transfer Credit Database

APU evaluates courses and service completed through the Armed Services and may grant credit for such courses. Credit is typically based on the recommendations from the American Council on Education (ACE) and may include General Education credit in Fitness for Life and other non-General Education elective credit. Contact us to learn more.

Students may earn credit through three competency exams recognized by the university: Advanced Placement (AP) tests, International Baccalaureate (IB), and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). There is no maximum number of credits that may be accumulated from these tests, but no CLEP credit will be granted in a student’s final semester. View additional information about Credit by Examination in the Academic Catalog. If you have any questions, contact the Student Services Center.

Create an account on the Transferology website to find out which college courses will transfer to APU’s professional undergraduate programs. Please note that your official transcript evaluation will be completed by the Graduate and Professional Registrar.

The Graduate and Professional Registrar reviews and makes determinations on all transfer courses you submit for credit. Transfer credit will be applied to your record after you are admitted and upon receipt of your official transcripts. Additionally:

  • APU may accept transfer credit for courses from schools accredited by regional agencies recognized by the Council for Higher Education Administration (CHEA). Find out if your school’s accreditation is recognized by the CHEA.
  • APU may also accept up to 12 units of non-General Education elective credit from institutions accredited by the following faith-related organizations:
    • Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE)
    • Association of Theological Schools (ATS)
    • Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS)
  • The university can give credit for up to 70 units of junior, community, or two-year college work.
  • Up to 90 units may be accepted from a four-year institution or combination of two- and four-year schools.
  • Courses where you earned a grade of C- or above can be transferred for credit, although some programs require a different minimum grade.

Professional Transfer Application Requirements

  1. Apply Online: Complete the online application and any supporting documents required by your program.
  2. Submit the $45 nonrefundable application fee.
  3. Submit Transcripts: You must submit transcripts to APU’s Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions from any and all colleges or universities attended in order to receive transfer credit. While the admissions office will accept unofficial transcripts for admissions purposes, official transcripts must be sent to obtain transfer credit. Official transcripts must be sent to APU in a sealed, unopened envelope bearing the official logo or seal of the institution.