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MOSAIC: APU’s Network of Ethnic Affinity Organizations

Azusa Pacific University’s MOSAIC Network of Administrators, Faculty, and Staff Ethnic Affinity Organizations is designed to sustain and enhance the experience of faculty, staff, administrators, and students within APU’s respective ethnic affinity organizations. The collective efforts of these organizations strategically work, inwardly and outwardly, to nurture diversity and promote inclusive excellence that reflects the mosaic of God’s Kingdom. These organizations’ shared interests in cultural competency, cultural awareness, and cultural solidarity serve as a conduit for creating a positive alliance with the university’s effort to uphold a God First approach in all that is done. These groups address, effectively support, and help bring resolution to the unique challenges facing people of color at APU. Creating space for ethnic affinity organizations demonstrates APU’s commitment to cultivating a welcoming place for all people, as these groups offer camaraderie and help cultivate community for people with shared cultural experiences.

Offering a Welcoming Space

MOSAIC is designed to cultivate a meaningful and welcoming space that fosters a strong sense of belonging while considering the unique cultural and lived experiences of administrators, faculty, and staff of color. In the spirit of Renewal, APU’s Strategic Plan, MOSAIC offers a strategic infrastructure committed to supporting the recruitment, retention, and nuanced navigation of administrators, faculty, and staff of color while amplifying the institution’s interest in becoming a Thriving University of Choice reflecting Christ-centered engagement and community.

Keith E. Hall, EdD
Vice President for Student Belonging, Chief Diversity Officer

Available Affinity Organizations

Thank you for exploring MOSAIC, and we hope you will consider joining this purposeful collective to intentionally network, culturally engage, and professionally thrive as a valued community member at APU reflecting God’s mosaic.

Asian Mosaic Association (AMA)
President: Alan Oda, PhD and Regina Chow Trammel, PhD, LCSW

Black Faculty, Staff, and Administrators Association (BFSAA)
President: Patricia Brown, PhD

Latin Faculty, Staff, and Administrators Association (LFSAA)

If you have any questions or would like to join, contact [email protected].