Campus Outreach

Emotional wellbeing is not confined to our offices. The University Counseling Center fulfills its mission to help students realize their personal and academic potential by getting out into the campus community as well. We have three main avenues: Outreach Requests, the Peer Educator program, and the Cougars Care workshop series.

Outreach Requests

The UCC partners with student, staff, and faculty to provide mental health education to the APU campus. We would love to partner with your department to provide education, training, and opportunities for discussion around mental health issues. Learn more about requesting outreach.

Peer Educator Program

The Peer Educator program is an internship program for APU undergraduate students. Peer Educators raise awareness of mental health issues, reduce stigma, and equip the APU community with wellness resources. This program also fulfills the Department of Psychology’s field study requirement. Learn more about the peer educator program.

Cougars Care Workshop Series

This series provides mental health and well-being training for students to use to help themselves and others. This series is open to all students and provides information on various mental health topics. Any student who completes at least four of our Cougars Care workshops receives an official Certificate of Completion. Learn more about the Cougars Care workshop series.

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