Why College Writing Resources Are Critical to Students’ Success

You are a writer. While you may not have previously considered giving yourself the title, it definitely applies. You write every day—from text messages to social media posts to emails. In fact, most students today write far more than they did a generation ago.

But quantity doesn’t always equal quality when it comes to writing, and writing is an incredibly important skill in many career fields. That’s why, as you’re looking at potential schools, you’ll want to make sure they provide the college writing resources you’ll need to succeed.

Why Writing Matters to Today’s Graduates

According to a study cited in Inc., 73.4 percent of employers report that they want to hire candidates with strong written communication skills. In fact, it was the third most desired quality in the poll (behind leadership and the ability to work as a team member). Employers recognize that writing skills are tied to other important employee attributes.

“Writing is deeply connected with thinking,” said Jill Hartwig, the first-year writing coordinator at Azusa Pacific University. “If you’re having a hard time writing, you’re probably having a hard time thinking. That critical thinking piece is integral.”

With the importance of strong communication skills in mind, Azusa Pacific University offers college writing resources designed to help students enhance their skills. In particular, the school’s Writing Center and Writing Program have helped countless students. Here’s what to know about the two offerings.

1. The Writing Center

The Writing Center coaches any APU student on any writing project, regardless of what stage they’re at in the process. If you’re having trouble with an assignment—whether you’re just getting started with brainstorming or polishing up a final draft—the center will connect you with a coach who can help you meet your writing goals. Coaches are available to work with students six days a week, either one-on-one, in groups, online, or in workshops.

Coaches at the Writing Center are experienced with many different writing types, from term papers and dissertations to blog posts and cover letters. These experts focus on helping you strengthen the higher-level aspects of your writing, such as brainstorming, organizing, and integrating sources. They can also help with sentence-level elements like spelling and grammar.

2. The Writing Program

APU created the Writing Program to ensure its students graduate with the writing skills needed to flourish in the professional workplace. Accordingly, the writing program includes three required courses:

  • Writing 1 provides an overview of the craft of writing. You’ll study the process of writing, learn about writing theory, and produce your own written work. You’ll take this course during your freshman year.

  • In Writing 2, you’ll learn about writing in your chosen field and practice its writing conventions. This is usually completed during sophomore year.

  • Finally, in Writing 3, you’ll learn about professional writing and how to write successfully in your chosen career path. This course is usually taken in your junior or senior year.

Together, the three courses give students the tools they need to not only write effectively but to do so within their chosen career path.

“We don’t just want to equip them to be successful in school, we want to equip them to be successful outside of school,” said Hartwig, noting a number of studies that show writing skills as a key part of a successful career. “Writing is a skill they’ll need throughout their whole life.”

Curious about what other resources are available to students at Azusa Pacific University? Find more information about the many student services offered on campus.