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Local Engagement: Young Life Capernaum

May 08, 2024 | articles

Azusa Pacific University students have engaged with the local community this year by working with disabled teens and young adults through the Young Life Capernaum program.

Group photo of Young Life Capernaum participants

Faculty Feature: Tasha Bleistein Engages with Different Cultures as a TESOL Professor

May 03, 2024 | articles

Tasha Bleistein, PhD, shares her passion for cultures through teaching English as a second language with care, respect, and kindness to others. In APU’s MA in TESOL program, she equips students to find their calling in such a broad field.

Tasha smiling

APU School of Nursing Partners with AUSD to Foster a Healthy Community

May 01, 2024 | articles

APU's School of Nursing partnered with Azusa Unified School District to host eight “Ask-a-Nurse” pop-up events this school year to bring health education and resources to families in Azusa while allowing students to learn about community health.

Nurses smiling

Faculty Feature: Larry Santiago ’97 EdD Exemplifies Discipleship Through Holistic Care

April 26, 2024 | articles

Larry Santiago, ’97, EdD, pursues his calling by caring for others, guiding future nurses to approach their profession with spiritual, emotional, and physical well being in mind to provide quality treatment.

Larry smiling

Alumni Feature: Daniel Griffes ’09 Builds a Life He Loves Through Tiny Home Business

April 25, 2024 | articles

Daniel Griffes, ’09, never thought that his childhood pastime, working on carpentry projects, would lay the foundation for his future as a tiny home builder. He serves God by building a life he loves, one that touches lives in unexpected ways.

Daniel's family smiling

Faculty Feature: Alan Oda, PhD, Creates an Inviting Space for Students to Grow

April 19, 2024 | articles

For Alan Oda, PhD, entering psychology has not only allowed him to pursue his interests, but studying human development has given him the opportunities to strengthen his faith journey while helping others better understand their spiritual growth.

Alan smiling

Faculty Feature: Windy Petrie, PhD, Finds Joy and Fulfillment Through Literature and Hospitality

April 12, 2024

Book-lovers often enjoy reading for the sense of escapism stories provide; the ability to travel the world through ink on a page, embark on a journey with a character, and turn the final page with the feeling that they’ve experienced something life-changing. For Windy Counsell Petrie, PhD, chair of Azusa Pacific University’s Department of English, books have not only taken her on imaginary journeys, but her lifelong vocation to the literary world has provided her with multiple opportunities to travel and experience immersion in various cultures. She offers students the same comfort and joy that comes through literature by sharing her warm spirit and kindness that blooms like the roses outside her office.

Windy smiling

Student Spotlight: TyLee Manuel ’24 Builds Community Through Basketball

April 11, 2024

TyLee Manuel ’24 is a full time student athlete on the women's basketball team. She has learned the importance of community through her teammates. “APU has shown me how to be grateful through the people that I’ve met and the relationships I’ve created,” she said.

TyLee smiling

Alumni Feature: Gina Burnett MSW’22 Fulfills Her Mission Through Counseling Veterans

April 08, 2024

Efigenia (Gina) Ferrer Burnett’s, MSW ’22, family did not believe her when she came home from school one day and announced she was going to join the U.S. Army. Burnett was in high school, and aspired to become a police officer. While connecting with a cop through a school elective, the officer shared that law enforcement employers love hiring veterans. The seed was planted, and Burnett was committed to pursuing her goals. Little did she know how different the trajectory of her life would be through serving in the army.

Gina smiling

Faculty Feature: William “Jody” Wilkinson Finds Beauty in the Unexpected

April 05, 2024

Many meet God through worship settings, church, and engaging in discussions with believers. William “Jody” Wilkinson, MD, MS, encountered God in a personal and transformative way for the first time on a bike ride, leading him to pursue a career in exercise and fitness as a doctor in preventive medicine, who now taps into his passion for student development as a kinesiology professor.

Jody smiling

Student Spotlight: Arianna Sy ’25 Bridges Creativity and Christianity as an Actress

April 04, 2024

Ariana Sy ’25, an Acting for the Stage and Screen major and psychology minor, has found ways to pursue her creativity with Azusa Pacific University's God First motto in mind.

Arianna smiling

Alumni Feature: Issy Diaz ’20, MSW’22 Creates a Lasting Ripple Effect in Veterans’ Lives

March 21, 2024

Ismary (Issy) Diaz ’20, MSW ’22, has always approached service with an outpouring of compassion like a waterfall’s abundance. Through her 14 years of military work, earning two degrees in social work at Azusa Pacific University, and now counseling veterans, Diaz’s refreshing spirit flows into countless lives, creating a lasting ripple effect.

Alumni Feature: Issy Diaz ’20, MSW’22 Creates a Lasting Ripple Effect in Veterans’ Lives

International Voices: Grace Arrington ’26 Finds Community and Faith Through Uplifting Connections at APU

March 19, 2024

Grace Arrington ’26 exudes a passion for legacy. As the daughter of an Azusa Pacific University alumnus, Arrington strives to pave her own path through her college experience, embrace her Chinese heritage, and continue to grow in her faith.

International Voices: Grace Arrington ’26 Finds Community and Faith Through Uplifting Connections at APU