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University Fund

The University Fund raises support for the areas of greatest impact on campus.

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Through University Fund scholarships, a diverse group of students are able to attend APU, discover their calling, and receive a transformative education that empowers them to impact the world for Christ.

Faculty and Programs

The University Fund allows APU to hire the highest-caliber faculty and staff, including faculty from top-tier research institutions. The fund also contributes to APU’s excellent academic, artistic, and athletic programs, as well as its unique study away opportunities.

Student Affairs

To ensure that students have the most rewarding on-campus experience, the University Fund supports ministry and service programs, provides current library resources, creates study areas around campus, and funds renovation projects for residence halls.


The University Fund helps implement a wide range of technology upgrades, from on-campus plasma screens that improve communication to state-of-the-art laboratory equipment in Segerstrom Science Center.

The most rewarding aspect of giving, however, is knowing that the gift produces something eternal. APU students, present and past, attest to the miracles that made their admission and continued attendance possible. The University Fund has often been the instrument God uses to create those miracles. Through it, the rich heritage that founded this university as a training school for Christian workers is made available to countless students today as they prepare for meaningful careers that will impact the world for Christ. APU is blessed to partner with faithful donors who allow God to use their resources in this special way.