Frequently Asked Questions Regarding WSCUC Accreditation

1. Why did WSCUC Issue APU the sanction of Warning?

Following their April 22, 2022, visit, WSCUC issued the sanction of Warning, directing APU to further support its operations and educational objectives through greater improvement in human, physical, fiscal, technological, and information resources, and through more effective organizational and decision-making structures. These will lead to achievement of institutional purposes and educational objectives and create a high-quality environment for learning.

WSCUC sent APU a letter informing the university of its Warning status in July 2022 for not meeting WSCUC Standard 3. The strength of our academic programs and commitment to our students are clear to WSCUC. The opportunity to improve operations serves as a galvanizing force for our community. With our new president at the helm providing strategic leadership, we will meet and exceed these accreditation expectations.

2. How will APU advance practices to meet Standard 3?

APU will:

  • Build a robust shared governance system for faculty, staff, administration, and the Board of Trustees.
  • Seek board development to ensure and strengthen its effectiveness as a Board of Trustees.
  • Create a strategic enrollment plan tied to the budget planning process.
  • Implement a university-wide strategic plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion that includes a regular campus climate survey.
  • Develop effective pathways for internal communications.
  • Align the assessment and program review processes with the annual budget planning process.
  • Introduce strategies to ensure equitable support and outcomes for APU’s diverse student population.
  • Integrate and enhance data collection and analysis to facilitate insightful decision making.

3. Does this impact APU’s accreditation?

APU’s accreditation continues during the sanction Warning period and students’ status within the university is not affected. Anyone who has questions regarding APU’s accreditation, may contact Robert R. Duke, PhD, accreditation liaison officer, by email [email protected].

4. How is APU addressing the issues identified by WSCUC?

APU leadership responded immediately by assembling a cross-functional task force, including external counsel, to meet the items noted, ensuring the university returns to compliance before the specified time.

5. What is the timeline?

APU has two years to demonstrate actions taken since the accreditation visit have been effective. In spring 2024, officials from WSCUC will return to campus to verify compliance.

6. How will APU keep the community informed on status updates regarding WSCUC accreditation?

APU will provide regular updates to all community members, informing them of our progress as we work together to strengthen the university. Community members can also view our progress by visiting our accreditation page.

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