Who does the statement email come from? How can I make sure the email sent to me is not treated as spam?

The email containing information about your online statement comes from ssc@apu.edu. To avoid having this email sent to your junk, spam, or bulk folder, please set up ssc@apu.edu as a contact.

Are there exceptions to e-billing? Can I get a paper bill?

All currently enrolled students will receive electronic bills. Printed bills can be obtained by accessing your account online, through our online Billing and Payment System, and printing out the e-bill. The e-bill can be accessed and printed at any computer with Internet and printer access. The university also has several designated computers on campus for students to access their accounts and print bills.

How can someone else make payment on my behalf (authorized payers)?

Students have the option to designate another party (authorized payers); ?>) to view and pay student bills. This third party will need a one-time authorization, issued by the student via the payment website. The authorized user can then access the third party vendor system directly or through the university website to view the student’s billing information and make payments.

Once the authorized payer has logged into our online Billing and Payment System, the payer can change his/her login name and password, and set up and store his/her own profile and account information. Thereafter, unless authorization is canceled, the third party will be notified via his/her own email address that the student’s e-bill is available for viewing. The individual can also log into the website to view the student’s billing information and make a payment. This authorization only gives access to statements and payment options; authorized payers will not have access to any other student records.

Where can I find more information about the online Billing and Payment System?

For more information, visit the Billing and Payment System website.

What does the Billing and Payment System statement look like?

For more information, see How to Read Your 2020 Statement (PDF).

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