Professors have the option to allow a student to take an Incomplete on a class, only under special circumstances, such as illness or other unforeseeable circumstances that can be verified, and providing the student’s work in the course was of passing quality. This means that the professor can work with the student to give more time to complete the necessary assignments after the end of the semester. It is completely under the discretion of the professor and the department to issue a student an Incomplete (“I”), and is only used in special circumstances. Once those assignments are completed within the set time frame (within 12 weeks from the date of issue), the professor will assign the student a final grade in the course via a Grade Change.

How to Take an Incomplete

To take an Incomplete, the student and professor must work together to fill out an Incomplete Form and submit it to the Student Services Center. The filing deadline for the form is the last day of finals.

Things to Know

  • All necessary signatures must be acquired before submitting to the Student Services Center for processing.
  • The Incomplete Form must list all remaining assignments for the class.
  • The automatic deadline to finish the assigned work and receive a final grade is up to 12 weeks from the date of issue. However, the professor can set a shorter deadline if he or she desires.
  • If the student does not finish the assigned work in time, they receive a grade designated by the professor on the Incomplete form; if no alternate grade was designated, the student receives an F.

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