Joshua Rasmussen, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

Phone: (626) 815-5496
Photo of Joshua Rasmussen, PhD


Joshua Rasmussen, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Philosophy, and his area of expertise is analytic metaphysics, with a focus on basic categories of reality, such as objects, ideas, and necessary existence. He is author of several books, including Defending the Correspondence Theory of Truth (Cambridge University Press, 2014), Necessary Existence (with Pruss; Oxford University Press, 2015), How Reason Can Lead to God (IVP, 2019), and Is God the Best Explanation of Things (with Felipe Leon, Palgrave 2019). He is also the founder of the Worldview Design YouTube channel, which helps people use reason to address the big questions of life.


  • PhD, University of Notre Dame
  • MA, Biola University
  • BS, Arizona State University


  • Research Fellowship, University of Notre Dame
  • Teaching Certificate, Kaneb Center, University of Notre Dame

Academic Area

  • School of Theology
    • Department of Philosophy


  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of Mind

Courses Taught

  • PHIL 100 – Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 303 - Reasons for Faith
  • PHIL 410 - Philosophy of Religion
  • PHIL 495 - Senior Seminar in Philosophy