Matt smiling

Owner, Village Fitness in Glendora

When Matt Klingler, DPT ’16, came to Azusa Pacific to pursue his Doctor of Physical Therapy, he didn’t realize what an impact the university and its faculty would make in his journey through the program. Through his studies and the relationships he built with faculty, he realized his passion, chose a specialty, and cultivated his expertise in movement science.

Matt is passionate about helping people and cultivating a community where life can be lived alongside one another. To fulfill this passion, he and his wife Nicole opened Village Fitness, a small personal fitness studio located in uptown Glendora, California where he helps people optimize their fitness, lose weight, get in shape, and make the best of their lives.

Village Fitness front door
Matt coaching
Matt spotting dumbbell workout
Gym space

“We know if we can get someone to give us a few hours a week, we can change every other hour of the week for the better.” Ultimately, Matt’s mission for Village Fitness is to help people get results by showing how fitness is an integral component of a healthy lifestyle.

Street in Glendora

“Our bodies are a temple, and I think we were created to move, and to take care of ourselves. We can’t determine the number of years we’re going to live—only God knows when we’re going to die, but we can definitely make the most of those years.”

Matt Klingler, DPT ’16

In addition to his work as a personal trainer and business owner, Matt serves as a physical therapist with Kaiser Permanente, meeting people in difficult seasons of their lives and striving to help build them up. In both roles, Matt enjoys the diverse spectrum of people and patients he works with, and the opportunity to bring meaningful impact to their lives through health and fitness.