Steven T. Mann, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biblical and Theological Studies

Photo of Steven T. Mann, PhD


Steve Mann, PhD, teaches courses in the Old Testament (or as the New Testament calls it, Scripture). An expert in speech act theory, Mann explores the function as well as the meaning of biblical texts. He is a former youth pastor, and a licensed minister in the Evangelical Friends Church Southwest, regularly leading seminars in EFCSW’s Leadership Institute. He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and the Institute for Biblical Research.


  • PhD, Old Testament Theology and Hermeneutics, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • MDiv, Azusa Pacific Seminary
  • BA, Music Education, Azusa Pacific University

Academic Area

  • Azusa Pacific Seminary


  • Biblical Narrative
  • Old Testament Theology
  • Speech Act Theory

Courses Taught

  • GBBL 501 – Torah and Prophets: Exodus-2 Kings
  • GBBL 511 – Biblical Interpretation: Exploring Genesis
  • GBBL 512 – People of God
  • GBBL 531 – Kingdom of God
  • GINS 507 - The Bible and Preaching
  • PRBL 100 - Exodus/Deuteronomy
  • PRBL 230 - Luke/Acts
  • PRMI 108 - Christian Life, Faith, and Ministry
  • PRPH 100 - Introduction to Philosophy
  • UBBL 100 – Introduction to Biblical Literature: Exodus/Deuteronomy
  • UBBL 230 – Luke/Acts
  • UBBL 310 – Rise of the King I and II Samuel
  • UBBL 311 – Old Testament Prophets