Marie N. Fongwa, PhD, MPH, MSN, RN



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Fax: (626) 815-5414

Email: [email protected]

Office Location: Monrovia Regional Site, Room #234

Marie Fongwa, PhD, RN, MPH, MSN, is a Cameroon-born-and-educated registered nurse midwife. Her professional work experience ranges from acute care and hospital bedside nursing care in Cameroon to care in long-term and rehabilitation hospitals, occupational health nursing care, and disability case management in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fongwa taught at the UCLA School of Nursing from 2001–09, and joined APU in January 2010. Fongwa is a health services researcher whose overarching goal is to promote culturally sensitive and competent care. Her research captures cross-cultural comparisons on quality of care, health-related instrument development, and secondary data analyses, and she presents and publishes her research findings. She reviews for several peer-reviewed journals and is one of six doctorally prepared experts on cultural competence nursing care who designed, wrote, and disseminated AACN’s six core cultural competencies and toolkit for graduate nursing education. Fongwa is a role model for several international students and a mentor for many, including doctoral students.


  • PhD, Nursing, University of California, San Francisco
  • MSN, University of California, San Francisco
  • MPH, San Jose State University
  • BS, Health Science, San Jose State University
  • SCM, Midwifery, Midwifery School, Cameroon
  • SRN/RN, Nursing School, Cameroon


  • Postdoctoral research training program, University of California, San Francisco

Academic Area

  • School of Nursing


  • Quality of Care
  • Instrumentation - Use and Development
  • Culturally Competent Health Care
  • Patient Satisfaction

Courses Taught

  • GNRS 504 - Bioethics and Healthcare Policy
  • GNRS 508A – Research and Theory in Advanced Practice Nursing
  • GNRS 597 – Comprehensive Examination Directed Study
  • GNRS 705 - Social Ethics and Health Policy
  • GNRS 706 – Methods of Inquiry
  • GNRS 720 – Wellness Promotion and Health Maintenance
  • GNRS 721 – Health Disparities and Vulnerable Populations