Institutional Scholarships

Institutional scholarships are available for international undergraduate students. For more information, please review the list of APU scholarships. Most scholarships are stackable, which means students can receive more than one APU scholarship, if qualified.

Academic Merit Scholarships for Freshman and Transfer International Students

Academic scholarships are based on a combination of GPA and test scores at the time of admittance for freshman international students. Freshmen who do not qualify for Trustees’, President’s, Dean’s, Director’s, or Founder’s scholarships may still be considered for academic merit scholarships. International students without an SAT or ACT score will be considered for academic merit scholarships.

Learn more about academic merit scholarships for transfer students.

Academic merit scholarships are not stackable.

Other Scholarships for International Students

Haggard International Scholarship

There is a special scholarship for international undergraduate students. Applicants for this scholarship must be admitted to APU, be a born-again Christian, maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA, leave the country after graduation, and follow specific guidelines as stated in the Haggard International Scholarship Application (PDF). Contact your admissions representative for more information. The deadline to apply is February 17, 2023

Learn more about other available undergraduate scholarships or contact your admissions representative for more information.

Graduate Students

International Leadership Scholarships (PDF) are available for some graduate applicants with at least five years of work experience. For more information, contact your admissions representative.

Learn more about institutional scholarships as well as outside scholarships available to international students. Contact your admissions representative for more information.

Please note that any scholarships, grants, or loans based on FAFSA qualification will not be available for international students.

Financial Aid

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