Committees are integral subunits of the Faculty Senate or of councils with specific charges as designated in the committee purpose statements.

Faculty Development Committee

This committee advises the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in order to promote a culture of excellence in the practice and scholarship of teaching. This committee meets on an as-needed basis.

Faculty Elections Committee

This committee ensures that an efficient and orderly process is implemented to select the faculty moderator-elect and at-large faculty members to serve on the Faculty Senate and designated faculty councils, committees, and review boards.

Chair: Patricia Esslin

Handbook Review Committee

This committee ensures that the Faculty Handbook provides clear and consistent procedures for faculty to follow as they fulfill their duties at APU.

Chair: Nori Henk

Senate Steering Committee

This committee is composed of the faculty moderator, moderator-elect or past moderator or vice moderator, secretary, parliamentarian, senate historian, and one senate member elected by the Faculty Senate at the first meeting of the fall semester to serve a one-year term on the Senate Steering Committee. This committee is responsible for tracking and follow up with the administration on all action items from the various councils, committees, and the senate as a whole, and sets the agenda for Faculty Senate.

Nori Henk, Moderator
Christopher Noble, Moderator-Elect
Christina Bivona-Tellez, Historian
Justin Marc Smith, Secretary
Christopher Leland, Senate Representative
Alan Oda, Parliamentarian

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