Governing Bodies

Faculty governance at APU is organized into a representative faculty body, the faculty senate, which consists of elected senators from each academic unit (1 senator for every 15 full-time faculty members in each unit). In addition, there are 3 at-large senators who are elected to represent the entire faculty. The faculty senate is charged with bringing efficiency to governance processes and procedures, overseeing faculty councils, facilitating communication between faculty units and other representative groups, and representing the faculty to the Board of Trustees, the administration, staff, students, and the general community.

The presiding officer of the faculty senate is the faculty moderator, who is elected by the entire body of full-time faculty. The senate agenda is set by the moderator with assistance from the steering committee, which consists of the moderator-elect (or past moderator), senate secretary, senate parliamentarian, senate historian, and a senate representative.

Faculty councils are administrative bodies of faculty members and administrative personnel that implement policies set by the faculty senate and report to the faculty senate. Councils serve as the administrative, academic, and policy advisors to the senate and assist the senate in fulfilling its purpose and duties.

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