HeeKap Lee, PhD


Faculty Coordinator, MAED in Teaching; Professor, Division of Teacher Education

Phone: (626) 815-5360

Fax: (626) 815-5416

Email: [email protected]

Office Location: Building One, Suite 113

HeeKap Lee, Ph.D., has been teaching at higher education institutes for 20 years in various states including Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio before joining Azusa Pacific University in 2009. He has published/edited five books and more than 30 articles, being invited to speak at conferences in the USA, China, South Korea, Japan, Laos, and Thailand to share his research and lead workshops. His research topics include multicultural education, constructivism, curriculum design and assessment, educational technology, teachers’ dispositions, and faith-based education pedagogy. Recently his book `Thriveology: Resilience-Informed Teaching through the CARING Model’ was published by Wipf and Stock in September 2021.


  • PhD, Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University
  • MS, Ministries, Cincinnati Bible Seminary
  • MS, Counseling Education (Counselor certification), Yon Sei University
  • BS, Pedagogy (Teacher Certificate, Middle School Social Studies), Han Yang University

Academic Area

  • School of Education

Courses Taught

  • EDUC 530 - Introduction to Research
  • EDUC 537 – Curriculum Development, Revision and Development Process
  • EDUC 538 – Current Issues in Education
  • TESP 502 – The Science of Teaching I: How Students Learn, Educational Psychology,
  • Neuroscience, and Theory
  • TESP 503 – The Soul of Teaching: Finding Ones Place in the Tapestry of American Education
  • TESP 511 – The Art of Teaching II: Pedagogy and Instructional Design
  • TESP 512 – Science of teaching II: Effective Assessment Strategies for All Learners
  • TEP 532 – Secondary Pedagogy I: Teaching in Secondary Schools
  • TEP 534 – Secondary Pedagogy II: Content-Specific Strategies, Teaching and Assessment