Gail Reeder, PhD

Professor Emerita, Division of Teacher Education

Photo of Gail Reeder, PhD


From her experience as a classroom teacher for 24 years, Gail Reeder, a professor of teacher education, enjoys teaching methodology courses and working with teacher candidates. Her fundamental interests include multiculturalism, literacy, English language learners, leadership, and instructional models. Organized and goal-oriented, she has vast experience running successful teaching credential programs in California. In addition to her PhD in administration, curriculum, and instruction from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she holds a teaching credential with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and a Cross-cultural, Language, and Academic Development (CLAD) certificate. Complementing these achievements, Reeder has been selected four times to serve as a reader of Teacher Preparation SB 2042 documents for the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. She has presented at numerous national and international organizations for leadership and educational research. Her publications have focused on literacy and multicultural education.


  • PhD, Education: Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Nebraska
  • MEd, Secondary Education and Reading, University of Nebraska
  • BS, Education, University of Nebraska


  • 2042 California Teaching Credential
  • Cross-cultural, Language, and Academic Development (CLAD) certificate
  • Nebraska Teacher Certificate, English 7-12

Academic Area

  • School of Education


  • Teacher Education
  • Teaching Credentials

Courses Taught

  • TEP 517 – Clinical Experiences in Teaching Reading and Writing (7–12)
  • TEP 518 – Methods of Teaching Reading and Writing (7–12)
  • TEP 527 – Clinical Experiences in Teaching Strategies (7–12)
  • TEP 528 – Teaching Strategies (7–12)
  • TEP 547 – Clinical Experiences in Curriculum and Assessment (7–12)
  • TEP 548 – Curriculum Planning and Assessment (7–12)
  • TEP 587 – Intern Teaching Seminar (7–12)