Students praying together


Strike Up the Band (March 23): The first community concert held in the Felix Event Center, the legendary Ralph Carmichael and His Big Band Orchestra drew a transgenerational crowd which delighted in his swing music and Gospel tunes.

Test of Scrutiny (March 26-29): The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC, now WSCUC) visits APU to assess the institution’s commitment to excellence. The WASC team praises the university’s progress and challenges the university community to remain true to its core values.

Pomp and Circumstance (May 5): The class of 2001 walks across the platform toward careers that will make a Kingdom difference.

City Links: A Community at Work: APU joins the Azusa community in an effort to beautify the town while building relationships in the first annual City Links. A new level of partnership is realized as the students and local community members collaborate to work on projects at several elementary schools and local parks. The day concluded with a celebration at Memorial Park with food and entertainment.