Charles Chen, PhD


Professor, Department of Biology and Chemistry

Phone: (626) 815-6000, Ext. 6622

Email: [email protected]

Office Location: Segerstrom Science Center, Room 207

Video Introduction

Charles Chen, PhD, joined Azusa Pacific after conducting postdoctoral research in Japan at the National Institute for Agro-environmental Sciences and the University of Tokyo. In the wake of the 2011 tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear disaster in north-eastern Japan, he also volunteered and worked for several months at a nonprofit organization, providing long-term support and ministry to the disaster survivors. His expertise is in plant ecophysiology and global change biology, and he is passionate about imparting to students the value of plants and the impact of human activities on the environment. His research interests are centered on the physiological response of plants to environmental stress or global change. In particular, he is interested in the intraspecific response of photosynthesis in agricultural species to rising concentrations of tropospheric ozone and carbon dioxide.


  • PhD, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
  • BS, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Academic Area

  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Courses Taught

  • BIOL 151 - General Biology 1
  • BIOL 152 - General Biology 2
  • BIOL 365 - Plant Physiology
  • BIOL 495 - Global Change Biology