Spiritual Practices

Why a University Spiritual Practice?

The University Spiritual Practice is an integral part of your spiritual formation as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Discipleship is not limited to one single activity, but rather, we have a responsibility to continue to practice discipleship in our daily lives. The University Spiritual Practice is one way we can encourage each other in our lives as disciples. Discipleship involves practice, and with it we are better equipped to live the life to which Christ has called us. When we commit to healthy spiritual patterns, individually and in community, we prepare ourselves to be ready for God’s work in and through us.

Each year at APU, we focus on one or more spiritual practices rooted in the themes of Scripture and utilized for centuries by the Christian Church to foster relationship with God. By focusing on these spiritual practices, we expose students to those things that foster spiritual growth leading to maturity. Practices such as prayer, Scripture study, worship, service, and witnessing are just a few of the things we encourage students to incorporate in their daily lives.

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