Louis Tuthill, PhD


Adjunct Professor, Department of Criminal Justice

Louis Tuthill, PhD, has worked as a researcher and practitioner to reduce community-level crime and violence including drug markets, illicit firearm trafficking, gangs and organized criminal groups, and youth crime. He is specifically interested in examining the cultural and structural elements that create the opportunity for crime to occur, and has primarily worked with marginalized communities to develop, implement, and evaluate violence reduction strategies that build on community strengths and try to reinforce weaknesses that communities may have. Tuthill’s experience spans working with federal, tribal, state, and local governments and organizations to address these issues. For several years while working on his PhD, he worked for the Department of Justice overseeing the research portfolio evaluating crime-reduction strategies including Boston Ceasefire, Project Safe Neighborhoods, Chicago Ceasefire, and the Drug Market Initiative. In this position, he also provided analytical support to federal law enforcement. After receiving his doctorate, Tuthill was a faculty member at Rutgers University, where he worked with the cities of Camden, New Jersey, and Trenton, New Jersey, to reduce shootings and drug-related crimes and improve police/community relations. At APU, he integrates his spiritual faith and academic work to continue to reduce violence and crime in underserved and marginalized communities.


  • PhD, Sociology, University of California, Riverside
  • MA, Sociology, University of California, Riverside
  • BS, Sociology, University of California, Riverside

Academic Area

  • School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences


  • Gangs/Organized Criminal Groups
  • Drug Markets
  • Policing
  • Violence Intervention
  • Community Engagement
  • Firearms

Courses Taught

  • CJ 110 – Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CJ 220 – Police and Society
  • CJ 250 – Juvenile Justice
  • CJ 300 – Criminal Justice Research Methods