Brian Collisson, PhD


Professor, Department of Psychology

Dr. Brian Collisson, an esteemed social psychologist, brings his passion for teaching, research, and applying psychology to his role as Professor at Azusa Pacific. With a primary focus on the interplay between close relationships and personality, his research explores the dynamics of romantic relationships. Drawing on his extensive academic background, including a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Florida, Collisson's research focuses on individual traits and contextual factors that foster or hinder the development and longevity of romantic relationships. While much of his prior work illuminated the darker dimensions of dating - like relationship interference, deceptive dating tactics, and relational prejudice - his current work takes on an optimistic tone. Collisson’s recent projects concentrate on improving dating experiences by translating psychological research into practical insights, from personality cues to self-reflection methods. His work appears in distinguished scholarly journals, including Psychological Science, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, and Social Psychological & Personality Science. Collisson is also a regular Psychology Today contributor, distilling cutting-edge research into accessible advice for readers seeking guidance on love and relationships. On a personal note, Collisson embraces his Christian faith and a vibrant mix of hobbies - including basketball, connecting with the natural beauty of southern California through birding and fishing, and treasuring moments spent with his wife and three children.


  • PhD, Psychology, University of Florida
  • MS, Psychology, University of Florida
  • BA, Psychology, California State University, San Bernardino

Academic Area

  • School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences


  • Relationships
  • Non-Experimental Research Methodologies
  • Personality
  • Dynamics of Romantic
  • Teaching of Psychology

Courses Taught

  • PSYC 110 – General Psychology
  • PSYC 295 – Social Psychology
  • PSYC 475/598 – Research Team
  • PSYC 501 – Theory, Research, and Practice in Psychology
  • PRWR 260 – Writing 2: Psychology Subdisciplines and Career Trajectories