Why You Should Transfer to a Private University
Choosing a university is an important decision that can significantly direct the road you travel both in school and after. As such, it’s essential to select a college that’s the right fit for you and your needs. Part of this process may involve considering whether to attend a public or private institution. Each comes with its own distinct advantages and qualities. Here’s why you should consider transferring to a private institution like Azusa Pacific University.

Smaller Class Sizes

Private universities like APU tend to have smaller class sizes than those at public universities, which allows both more and closer interactions with other students and your professors. In a smaller class, your voice can also stand out more with increased opportunities to participate and contribute. Plus, you can glean more from your professor’s experience and expertise as it can be easier to ask questions.

Greater Course Access

One of the frustrating aspects of large, public universities is that the class enrollment period is tough competition, due to the number of students trying to secure a place at the same time. At a private university, you generally find easier access to the classes you need and want. Furthermore, at APU, if a class is full, you’ll be put on a wait list and given a number to indicate your spot in line, allowing you to monitor your status clearly.

Connection with Difference Makers

Private schools may also make it easier to forge friendships with top performers in any field, enhancing post-graduation prospects. Many APU students have collaborated on life-changing projects. In 2021, a class of honor students wrote a best-selling commentary on C.S. Lewis’s lesser-known works. Alumni Blake Heal ‘08 and Peter Cote ‘08 created Conscious Minds Productions, a video production agency that has worked with Nike and Uber. These are only a few of the difference makers with an APU degree making waves in industries everywhere.

Clubs for Everyone

There’s a club for everyone at APU, and anyone can join, regardless of major. That’s important because you may otherwise only see the people pursuing your degree program. But when you try out different clubs, you can connect with people who have different backgrounds and personalities, enriching your college experience overall and giving you the networking skills that will become important after graduation. Plus, you could unearth new skills and passions.

Shared Values

Attending a university that aligns with your morals and core beliefs makes it easier to develop deeper relationships with other students and professors. APU focuses on helping students find their unique calling from God rather than just getting a degree. This is why you’ll find special programs, like Vocāre, to help you discover how your talents and personality can advance the kingdom.

Career Support

APU works hard at making every dream possible for its students. Through its career network, Handshake, more than 6,500 employers post employment opportunities. You can also connect with more than 8,000 fellow alumni and find assistance in drafting a resume and applying for jobs.

The APU Difference

It’s never too late to make your college dreams come true with an incredible university and community, and it may take a private university like APU to deliver that. Transferring to APU is an easy process and potentially a money-saving one, thanks to the scholarships open to transfers. More importantly, it can open the door to so many of your dreams.