What Can You Do with an Engineering Concentration?

by Morgan T. Rogers

As technology continues to become a cornerstone of modern society, the engineering industry is rapidly expanding. Engineers play a significant role in building the systems that make up our daily lives, and there’s a wide range of applications for people with engineering degrees.

Azusa Pacific University offers engineering concentration options to allow you to focus your goals and personalize your academic journey to your career path. From systems engineering to mechanical engineering, choosing a concentration can support your professional aspirations and help you build a career where you can thrive.

What It’s Like to Major in Engineering

All engineering majors receive the same foundational engineering education with special attention to topics like thermodynamics, engineering ethics, and computer science. This comprehensive curriculum provides a strong understanding of engineering processes and practices and equips students with the analytical skills to approach challenges with unique solutions.

No matter which engineering concentration you choose, an engineering major prepares you to design, build, test, and operate complex products and systems that make the world more convenient, comfortable, or efficient.

How an Engineering Concentration Can Support Your Academic Goals

Concentrations allow you to specialize your area of study and take classes that pertain to your specific career path. APU offers four engineering concentrations: systems engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is the most interdisciplinary concentration. This can make it ideal if you want to keep your options open or if your desired industry doesn’t benefit from the specific skills that the other engineering concentration options offer.

Systems engineers design, develop, and manage products or systems in a range of industries.

Computer Engineering

If you concentrate in computer engineering, you’ll spend more time studying topics like computer architecture and organization, computer networks, cybersecurity, and machine learning. Computer engineers play a major role in how people interact with technology, especially as it becomes more relevant to daily life.

Electrical Engineering

An electrical engineering concentration may include classes like electromagnetics, electric circuits, communication systems, and computer organization. Many systems run on electricity, so engineers with this specialization are always in high demand.

Mechanical Engineering

With mechanical engineering, you apply your foundational knowledge to physical systems like machines, vehicles, and appliances. Mechanical engineers rely heavily on understanding movement and hydraulic and electric systems.

Career Options for Engineering Majors

Engineering majors can apply their degrees in a wide range of industries, and choosing an engineering concentration adds unique context to your background and resume. Engineering students typically benefit from an interdisciplinary degree with a specialty that gives them a leg up when applying for jobs.

Possible engineering careers include:

IT Consultant

IT consultants help businesses leverage technology to efficiently support their company in a financially responsible way.

Civil Engineer

A civil engineer plans, designs, and oversees physical structure and facility construction.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers design, build, operate, and test machines in a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, and manufacturing.

Electrical Engineer

Depending on the job, electrical engineers may develop new ways of using electrical power, manage electrical product development, establish electrical standards, or test electrical equipment.

User Interface Developer

UI developers design web and mobile applications to be as efficient and functional as possible for users.

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers design, test, and operate aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, and satellites. Their job is to ensure functionality and safety.

Systems Analyst

Systems analysts typically work with clients to create, adapt, or test software to ensure it’s effective for their business.

Carving Your Path to a Promising Future

Choosing a concentration to support your engineering degree is an excellent way to set yourself apart and pursue your desired career path with confidence. You’ll also benefit from taking classes you’re genuinely interested in and developing projects that add meaningful experience to your resume.

To learn more about engineering concentrations at APU, contact the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.