Military Education Benefits for Military-Connected Students in College

Whether your career path is accounting or the arts, earning a quality college degree is essential in setting you apart from the others in the workforce. Your military training has already transformed you into a valuable asset in the workplace—adding the right degree can further build your career opportunities.

At Azusa Pacific University, those who have sacrificed to serve our country benefit from a complete support network as they transition from military life to academic pursuits. This includes a team dedicated to helping military-connected students maximize and use their military education benefits.

Walking with Military Students on Their Journey

In the Office of Military and Veteran Education Benefits (MVEB) at APU, the focus is on helping you make your educational goals a reality through the benefits process. The MVEB staff strive to provide individualized support as they process education benefits awarded to servicemembers and their families, including VA benefits, ROTC scholarships, and TA benefits. Whether you study online or at one of APU’s Southern California campus locations, you can expect these professionals to advocate on your behalf and assist you in getting the most out of your benefits, and thus your college experience.

“In conversations with members of APU’s administrative team, I have heard the positive ways they describe our military-connected students,” said Vannessa Weber, assistant director for MVEB. “They value and respect military-connected students and their contributions to the campus. That sentiment is shared by APU staff as well, so we are always working on developing the resources available for these students.”

Military Benefits Can Make College More Affordable

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to college costs, but using your military benefits is one way to offset the financial investment that comes with earning your degree. Weber says that while higher education can be costly, it also provides greater freedom and offers you more choices when pursuing a career. For current servicemembers and veterans, a college degree can strengthen your existing experience or allow you to switch career fields altogether.

Azusa Pacific University is a Yellow Ribbon school, and the aid is available to all students who qualify for it. “Those who do not qualify for the Yellow Ribbon program may be surprised by the many resources available through federal, state, institutional, and outside financial aid,” Weber added. Not only are more scholarships available for military-connected students, she said, but this type of financial aid has a higher approval rate at APU.

The Azusa Pacific University Difference

You have already proven your capacity for hard work and dedication through your service. It can nonetheless be challenging to switch gears from military work to academia. While most colleges are happy to accept military-connected applicants, not every university offers specialized resources for these students in a supportive, faith-driven environment.

Everette Brooks III, executive director for Military and Veteran Services at APU, said his goal is for “every military-connected and veteran student to experience the highest level of service in every phase of the educational process.” That’s why the campus community aims to help military-connected students successfully transition from military life to civilian and student life and realize their education dreams.

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