How to Prepare for Hybrid Jobs

Due to shifts in the job market and ever-evolving technology, hybrid jobs are quickly becoming the new norm. Many companies are now looking for intelligent and creative employees who can productively work in multidisciplinary roles and use digital tools seamlessly.

Burning Glass Technologies, an analytics software company, conducted a survey in 2019 that found that high-paying jobs of the future are more complex. In referencing these roles, the organization coined the term “hybrid.” According to the report, “These new ‘hybrid jobs’ are not only growing fast and highly paid, but they also are immune to automation.”

Prepare Yourself Now for the Future of Hybrid Jobs

Rachel Bodell, DBA, assistant professor in the School of Business and Management at Azusa Pacific University, suggested that students focus on diversifying their skills due to the changing social and economic landscapes. They can do this by taking courses relevant to their degrees as well as exploring tangential subjects they’re interested in.

Specifically, Bodell recommended that you:

  • Take additional courses at your university. Many online classes allow you to do this flexibly. You can complete the work on your time, wherever suits you best.
  • Look at courses outside of your focus area. If your main degree is in business, consider taking courses in creative writing or strategic communication. In addition to expanding your knowledge base, branching out to other courses can help you make connections faster and see the bigger picture.
  • Embrace coding as a hard skill. In some fields, learning coding can be more beneficial, similar to learning a foreign language. This is a skill that more and more companies are looking for. You can strengthen your résumé by taking computer science courses.
  • Look for free educational courses. E-learning platforms like LinkedIn Learning Courses and Open Educational Resources (OERs) allow you to complement your academic studies with learning opportunities in other subjects. Bodell noted that “This can help an online business student to specialize in something like search engine optimization (SEO) and also demonstrate breadth in management courses.”

Identify Which Hybrid Job Is Right for You

While the idea of hybrid jobs is exciting, trying to master additional skills while earning a degree can seem overwhelming. Don’t panic! You don’t need to be an expert in everything.

Instead, Bodell recommends conducting an analysis of job postings that interest you. For each post, write down any required or preferred degrees, skills, and experience. With that list, you can see what interests you and pursue it.

To discover which hybrid jobs are the best fit for you, you should aim to gain experience in the field. “Develop management skills by focusing on learning and experiential opportunities which allow you to develop collaborative skills where you have overlapping responsibilities and understanding across disciplines, departments, and teams,” said Bodell. This allows you to communicate your leadership and management practices based on your education and experience.

Online Business Degrees Prepare You to Lead in Any Workplace

Among the many skills required to be successful in your future career, being able to pivot is key. Job markets are constantly shifting and companies are now looking for highly skilled employees who are equal parts creative business managers and entrepreneurial data analysts. Business degrees offer that unique perspective because they mix foundational management knowledge with the fast-paced evolution of business.

“Online business degrees typically offer students more instructor-to-student and student-to-student communication with the ability to personalize projects to areas of distinct interest,” Bodell noted. She also explained that students with online degrees have more experience with self-directed learning and are constantly seeking creativity, asking questions, and demonstrating a growth mindset in online communication.

“This leads to personal curiosity, and curiosity has been linked to motivation, emotional intelligence, productivity, and innovation—all of which offer specific advantages for future employees,” said Bodell.

Azusa Pacific University is prepared to help students shine as they grow into extraordinary and highly skilled individuals, equipping them for the rise in hybrid jobs.

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