Azusa Pacific Graduates Rank Among Most Employable

More college graduates struggle to find employment in their field than ever before—but not because of a saturated market. In fact, job openings have far outpaced new hires since 2009, according this year’s report from the U.S. Department of Labor. Rather, the discrepancy lies in the gap between graduates’ skills and employers’ needs. Today’s workforce calls for a new breed of employee, those equipped with a comprehensive, flexible set of skills and unique employability—person-centered qualities that go hand in hand with specific skills, knowledge, and competencies. Employers no longer settle for a single skill and degree, but seek well-rounded individuals who can contribute to the workforce, the economy, and even the community.

Savvy students increasingly enroll at colleges and universities that will prepare them with transferable skills and help them become entrepreneurs who can navigate the evolving workplace and manage their careers in a rapidly changing market—a place like Azusa Pacific University.

APU Delivers

Employability and earning capacity top the list of criteria for those seeking the right college to attend, and prospective students rely heavily on national rankings to help them choose the best investment of their tuition dollars. Consistently, lists like U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, and The Princeton Review draw students to Azusa Pacific University. Now the Economist, an internationally respected news publication, joins those endorsing APU with the release of its research regarding the employability of the nation’s graduates. In the October 31, 2015, report APU ranked in the 92nd percentile as no. 102 among its counterparts. The position points to actual earnings that significantly exceed expectations and reflect employers’ overwhelming recognition of APU graduates as highly employable.

The character and competence APU alumni bring to the workforce corresponds to higher compensation. Based on national wage reports, APU alumni with bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees earn more than the rest of the nation’s population who hold the same degrees. In fact, in key California industries, APU alumni earn significantly more than their peers. For example, APU alumni in health care earn $30,000 more annually, while those in education earn $28,000 more.

APU Advantage

Beyond the hiring advantage, job security, and earning capacity, APU alumni also enter the workplace with the confidence that they spent their time and money well. In a recent national survey of college student satisfaction, APU students gave high scores for met expectations, far outpacing those from peer institutions. In fact, APU students expressed more overall satisfaction with their college experience and would enroll at Azusa Pacific again if faced with the same decision.

“We want to serve our students as they enter the workforce, explore their career options, shift course, and consider new careers,” said Annie Tsai, Ph.D., vice president for alumni, vocation, and innovation. “We want APU to be the place you pursue your academic dreams, retool or shift focus, fill your organization’s job opening, start your job search, volunteer time, network, start your business, and rediscover your calling as it changes over the lifelong development of your career. APU’s emphasis on character and competence provides a competitive edge over your competition. Being part of the APU family and holding an APU degree yield an advantage as you network, pursue career opportunities, and seek talent.”