Alana Morgan Perkins: A Platform for My Faith

Alana Morgan Perkins ’25 traces the origins of her faith back to the inspiring, deep, and dedicated devotion of her grandmother. “Growing up, my grandmother shared her love of Jesus with me and my family. She is so strong and committed.” Her grandmother’s influence spurred Perkins’ personal faith. Putting God first in everything she does has opened doors for Perkins that she couldn’t have dreamed possible. Serving as the current Miss Teen Universe USA, and previous Miss Teen California, and competing as a track athlete at Azusa Pacific University provide unique opportunities for Perkins to live out her faith. This month, Perkins traveled across the world to Dubai to vie for the title of Miss Teen Universe, affording her a global platform to represent Christ.

As a student at APU, Perkins said she sees herself as part of an immersive educational community who seeks the Lord in every area of life. “Going to a Christian university and being in classes where you pray even before you start your work has definitely been amazing because it has helped me realize that I am part of a community of believers who are as devoted to their faith as I am.” This integration has been transformational for Perkins. “I never realized before how connected my faith could be to my education.”

That connection extends to her role as a student athlete as well. “When I first joined APU’s track team, I didn’t know what to expect. But there’s such a sense of belonging on the team. I’m with people who are on the same path as me beyond athletics.” Perkins has found her faith to be crucial to her athletic experience. “Everything is really mental with track. It’s just you out there at times. I have to keep my faith strong and rely on God in order to keep going—my faith has given me endurance and provided meaning for everything I do as an athlete.”

Being at APU has helped Perkins see practically how she can place God first in everything—whether through her studies, competing as a track athlete, or serving as Miss Teen USA, a title that brings influence she doesn’t take lightly. Perkins uses her prominent position to serve others, whether that be through fundraising to aid disaster relief, speaking out about the importance of mental health, or volunteering to raise money to fight Alzheimers.

“I hope to use my platform to promote good and always use any sash or crown as a microphone to gain access to help others.”

Perkins, a journalism major, plans to someday advance her broadcast journalism skills on a national network. “I hope to focus more on giving back since I have been so blessed and use my voice to speak for those who may feel voiceless.”