Steven Felix-Jager, MFA ’17, PhD

Residence: Lakeland, Florida

Profession: High school art teacher

Medium: Oil

Artist’s Transformation: Steven Felix-Jager sees the world through a different lens. “I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing,” he said. “I am drawn to details that others may perceive differently. Because my mind is visually driven, art has always been ingrained in my life.” After majoring in both theology and studio art as an undergraduate, Felix-Jager decided to work toward terminal degrees in both fields, eventually earning his PhD in humanities. When it came time to seek out an MFA program, he landed on APU for its singular approach to the art profession within a Christian context. Here, he strengthened his creative concepts, incorporating typography and negative space into narrative scenes. Building on his background in theology, Felix-Jager’s work explores hermeneutics and the ways in which people interpret the world and situations. With key elements intentionally left out of each scene, the viewer must fill in the blanks to arrive at their own interpretation of each piece.

Student Work

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