Training, Education, and Prevention

In support of APU’s sexual harassment, stalking, and sexual violence policies, APU provides the following sexual assault educational resources and prevention education for all students and employees.

  • R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) Classes
  • Annual Title IX and sexual assault prevention education for athletes and coaches
  • Annual Title IX and sexual assault prevention education for resident advisors, orientation leaders, undergraduate student government officers, and women's resource center staff
  • Online training for all new students and transfer students
  • Training all new employees through the Office of Human Resources new employee orientation program
  • Additionally, Campus Safety provides safety whistles, safety escorts, safety videos, safety and prevention presentations (upon request), and an after-hours shuttle free of charge.

    Any individual who experiences sexual assault or needs to talk to someone may utilize one or more of the resources listed in Section III.E of this policy.

    Training for Those with Title IX Responsibilities

    APU will ensure that Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators, investigators, and mandated responsible employees with the authority to address sexual violence are trained how to respond promptly, effectively, and appropriately to reports of sexual violence, that other responsible employees know their obligation to report sexual violence to appropriate university officials, and that all other employees understand how to respond to reports of sexual violence.

    As a part of the training of employees, APU will ensure that professional counselors, pastoral counselors, and nonprofessional counselors also understand the extent to which they may keep a report confidential.

    Bystander Intervention

    If acts of violence against other individuals are observed, members of the APU community have the option to intervene to help stop the act, only if it is safe and positive to do so without risking further harm. Suggested options include:

    • Dial 911
    • Contact Campus Safety
    • Yell and draw attention to a witnessed act of violence from a safe distance in order to frighten off the perpetrator
    • Remain in the area to provide witness information to the authorities

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