The purpose of lactation accommodation is to provide nursing mothers who are employees or students of the university with a private place to express breast milk.

This accommodation complies with applicable state and federal laws related to provision of accommodation for nursing mothers. All nursing mothers who are university employees or students may reserve a private lactation room (see the APU Employee Handbook (PDF) for policy 6.11: Accommodations for Nursing Mothers in its entirety). These lactation locations are private, secured, shielded from view, and they are not located in a restroom or common area.1 Learn more in our Pregnancy and Lactation Accommodation Q&A (PDF).

Once milk is expressed, the university is not responsible for the integrity or security of breast milk.

Azusa Campus

Access to Lactation Rooms: Each lactation room is available for reservation in the APU email/calendar system with an email address and can be accessed through the office of the Title IX Coordinator. Please send your request to

To reserve a space, email or call 626-815-2078. Include your name, which lactation room you would like to reserve, and the date and time of reservation. You will then be provided with the lock code to enter the room.

Regional Campuses

Women who wish to reserve lactation room space at one of APU’s regional campuses should inquire with the front office staff who will be able to arrange appropriate accommodations.


  1. Depending on the campus location, suitable settings include, but are not limited to, another private office not in use, a conference room that can be secured, a multipurpose room, or any available space with a locking door that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from coworkers, students, and the public.

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