Eighth-Grade Majors Fair

Azusa Pacific University aims to encourage the eighth-grade students of the Azusa Unified School District and St. Frances of Rome to pursue higher education. To do so, faculty, staff, and students from campus join to create a hands-on experience, hosting interactive booths that introduce the many majors a student can choose from when they are college-bound.

This heritage annual event began in 2011 and is unique in its ability to provide access to information leading to excitement about one day attending college. The Eighth-Grade Majors Fair is a strategic follow-up to APU’s College Headed and Mighty Proud (C.H.A.M.P.) program, in which fourth-grade students begin to explore career goals and dream about their future.

APU First-Year Exploring Program students, representing a variety of major disciplines, highlight a number of college majors to local eighth grade students through interactive displays and hands-on activities as part of their academic service-learning experience. The fair provides the eighth graders of Azusa an opportunity to make personal and specific connections to college education—namely, choosing a major.

To experience a little of the fun and excitement of this event, watch some highlights from the 2018 fair.

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