Being prepared and staying calm are critical in any emergency. Panic can be the greatest hazard.

Adequate planning saves lives, reduces suffering, and preserves property by enabling individuals to respond calmly and effectively in emergency situations.

Azusa Pacific University’s Emergency Preparedness Plan depends on the cooperation of the entire campus community for its effectiveness. Stay calm and follow emergency procedures designated in your building, for your department, and across campus. Adhering to the plan will save lives and minimize damage.

Your first responsibility is to determine the closest escape route from your residence or work location. Escape routes are posted in building hallways. The university has implemented an Emergency Action Plan and designates and trains building and floor coordinators on evacuation plans and procedures. The coordinators assist in the orderly evacuation of all individuals from structures if such action is warranted.

If you have medications, always have extra medications with written instructions for emergencies. Every individual should have an emergency supply of food and water to last three days. If you have special needs, let others know in an emergency so that they can assist you.

For additional information on APU’s preparedness plan or Critical Incident Response Team, contact the safety manager at (626) 815-4525.

View additional emergency resources and information.

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